Our Story


Taltis Foods provides authentic African flavours to Canadians homes everyday. Whenever you wish to be transported through a culinary travel out of time, surprising and savoury, Well! you are just at the wright place.

African cuisine is particularly rich and varied, as diverse are the population composing that vast continent. Enjoy healthy drinks from Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon or Nigeria such as our: Lemongrass Zooli Drink; Baobab Zooli Drink; Ginger Zooli Drink; Hibiscus Zooli Drink. Furthermore, you can now experience  the mythical jollof sauce in the confort of your home, with family and friends.


The idea of starting Taltis Foods Company came out when two friends, who immigrated to Toronto from Cameroon and Nigeria respectively, having the same passion in cooking and sharing realised that is wasn’t quite easy to find, on the retail shelves the typical Afro Heritage foods products for which they could rely their background memories with.

Combining their efforts and their respective skills in foods processing matured at the University in Italy and in Canada, they decided to started making some sample of beverages at first and later they also started introducing some sauces.

Actually, Taltis Foods is a proud owner of two brands; ‘Zooli’ drinks represent the fresh and tasty beverages made specially to support the continuous regeneration of the body and mind. Our ‘Meals Saucer’ brand offer the perfect sauces for every amazing meal experience.