About Us

 Hello! My name is Gilles Tchappi. I am the Founder and CEO of the Foods company Taltis Foods Inc from Toronto, Ontario. At Taltis Foods Inc, we are a leading manufacturing and distribution company that brings African oriented foods products to Canadians. Under our Taltis Africa brand, we are currently offering two lines of beverages and sauces respectively. Our beverages include the Lemongrass drink, Ginger drink, Baobab drink, Chia seeds drink and 4 different flavours of Hibiscus drinks. For the sauces, we are introducing to you the popular Jollof sauce from the West Africa.

Taltis Foods Inc. company started from the recurrent home sake of missing the typical African Foods that I have suffered for many years since I came to Canada more than 10 years ago. In fact, every time I wanted to enjoy or share those products that remind me my childhood and my home country, I couldn’t find nothing available in the mainstream grocery retail stores. Combining my profound African background with a great team of partners, we are bringing a variety of African’s flavours to the Canadian’s amazing multicultural village.

We import our highly selected ingredients from varies countries in Africa. We then proceed to transform them right here in Canada, into some typical cultural African products. Our products are authentic, packed with multiple and functional health benefits and they taste amazing.

I am originally from Cameroon, located in the central part of Africa. Cameroon share thigh borders with Nigeria, Niger, Chad, RCA, Gabon, Guinea and Congo. I have successfully completed my master’s degree in foods processing at the University of Milan in Italy and a post-graduate certificate in Marketing and Management at Centennial college in Toronto; before fully involving into my foods business.

I am passionate with changes and innovative ideas that can bring improvement to the life of others and to the community. I deeply believe that diversity is a treasure that increases in value just as much as the strength we embrace it with. Everyday, I am grateful to Africa, to Canada and to life.