Back to School - Be Proud of your cultural food! (ft. easy meal prep, back to school lunch ideas)

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It’s back-to-school season, and we hope you are as excited as we are at Taltis Foods.

It is a time of excitement and anticipation for students and parents alike. It's a time to meet new friends, learn new things, and embark on new adventures. More excitingly, it is a time to reflect on our heritage and traditions, and to share them with others.

Have you or your kids ever been in that situation where you’re a little embarrassed to eat your cultural food in school or in the office lunchroom? Do you settle for the basic sandwiches or simply outsource lunch provision to the schools, while you deal with snacks alone?

While we understand that this is the norm, we do need to switch things up and change the narrative for the better.

African Cuisine meets Canada

Canada hosts around 500,000 immigrants every year, and assimilating to a new environment can be tough when homesickness kicks in. As lunch boxes are packed with flavorful memories of home, we can savor the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage, bringing a taste of identity to the school cafeteria and creating memorable experiences with new friends without borders.

It is time to reorient ourselves, and let our kids know that getting questions like “what is that?”, or “why does it look like that?” don’t have to be embarrassing moments.

Instead, let us teach them that it is a great opportunity to promote cultural diversity through food, encourage other children to be proud of their heritage, as well as educate kids about how delicious and nutritious these dishes are.

African or Asian cuisine for example, is rich and diverse, with a wide variety of flavors and ingredients, and there is so much we can explore with them.

Packing a traditional dish such as Jollof rice with chicken suya skewers to school or work would spark a lot of conversation and interest in African cuisine and help people connect more with the beauty and awesomeness that other traditions have to offer.

Jollof Rice meets School Lunchbox

Taking pride in our cultural food not only fosters a sense of belonging and self-confidence but also promotes diversity and understanding. Here’s a great suggestion, when next there is a potluck event in your community, at work or in your child’s school, tilt more towards infusing the irresistible recipe that has been in your family or country for centuries or decades, or try one of our amazing Taltis Jollof sauce recipes.

Together, we can help our children have a positive and enriching experience this season, while promoting cultural diversity and pride in their heritage.

You absolutely must stay glued to us, because we will be sharing loads of amazing tips this season on how you can prep eeeazy lunch packs for yourself and your kids, that will taste just as fresh as ever.

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