How Jollof Rice is Uniting Africans Across Countries - Abisola Tanzako

One word that sounds familiar to the majority of Africans, regardless of region and timezone, is the word “Jollof Rice”
Jollof Rice, originally belonging to the Wolof tribe found in Senegal, Gambia and Mauritius, has spread throughout Africa, priding itself as one of Africa’s most tasty and most consumed meals.

It is a delicate meal, highly treasured for its aesthetic, sensory and nutritional qualities. It is impossible to walk into a room where jollof is being cooked or eaten and not “Feel It”.
The dish has significantly evolved from what was initially prepared by the people of the Wolof empire, but the base ingredients remain the same. A fine mix of spices, peppers, tomatoes and the star player: Rice.
Across Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, Senegal, Guinea, Bissau and Gambia, African families depend on Jollof rice for nutritional and dietary needs. Research shows that families in Nigeria consume jollof at least once a week.
Although Senegal hangs on to the award of being Jollof’s origin country, the dish has sentimental attachments in various countries. In Nigeria and Ghana, it is eaten at all celebratory events. Weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies and Funerals are hot spots for Jollof rice.
In Senegal and Gambia, Jollof is mostly consumed in the evenings and with bare hands. 
Despite the many Jollof wars, the dish remains a common denominator between francophone and anglophone African countries. A Nigerian or Ghanaian can walk into a Gambian or Senegalese home where Jollof is being prepared and feel right at home, No questions asked.
From having its own world Jollof Day plus its own Google doodle to having a dance routine in its honor and, finally, having other meals created from it, one thing I love the most about Jollof Rice is that it stays winning. And for us Africans, A win is A win.
The process of making jollof rice differs from one culture to the other, however, one thing that is common to all cultures is the combination of peppers and spices used to make the sauce. Getting together all those peppers and spices in the right combination can be a hassle, and that’s where Taltis Jollof Sauce comes to the rescue. The Taltis Jollof Sauce has all the necessary spices in an easy-to-use pouch/jar to help save you time and energy. So go ahead and enjoy!
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