Jollof Fried Rice (Senegal)

Ingredients: (serves 4)

  • 2 cups of rice
  • 375 mL Jollof sauce Taltis (1 jar)
  • 2 cups of bone broth (or vegetable broth)
  • 20 mL of vegetal oil (facultative)
  • Salt (facultative)


  • In a cooking pan or rice cooker, mix all the ingredients at once.
  • Let it cook.
  • Stir and serve.

That's it, enjoy.

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Time-saving and satisfaction guaranteed!

Although each plate of Jollof might be unique, everyone brings exciting flavours. The savory sweetness of bell peppers and onions and the seasoning are crucial.

The origins of Jollof rice can be traced back to the 1300s in the ancient Wolof Empire, also known as Jolof Empire. That territory spanned parts of today's Senegal, The Gambia, and Mauritania. Jollof’s cooking started in the region as a dish called thieboudienne, prepared with rice, fish, shellfish, and vegetables.

The migration of Wolof people across West Africa and beyond has contributed over the centuries to the introduction of the Jollof in Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon.

The preparation of the Jollof rice can require up to 30 minutes for the preparation and 1:30 hour for the cooking. Each ingredient must be added one at a time and at the perfect moment. With our ready-to-use sauce, the regular 2 hours of cooking of the Jollof rice is cut down to less than 45 minutes. All you need to do is to mix the Taltis Jollof Cooking Sauce with your preferred rice and the broth all at once, then let it cook.

Taltis Foods is introducing an authentic African Jollof sauce, pre-cooked with love and attention so that everyone can enjoy a customized Jollof rice anytime at the comfort of their home.

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